recruit talent

Ways in which Small and medium-sized firms can recruit talent

For every independent entrepreneur looking to advance his/her newly formed organization, possibly a relatively small venture in the beginning, or perhaps, a mid-sized one that is still struggling to acquire reputation and stability, a crucial aspect is recruiting a suitable and talented batch of employees that adequately fuel the enterprise’s growth in its formative years. 

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Part time courses

Why you should invest in part time study

While Part time courses might not be regarded with the same prestige as their full-time counterparts, they are progressively being sought after by students looking for flexibility, freedom and financial expediency. The progressively advancing concept of working while studying is steadily gaining momentum with more and more individuals enrolling in extended, part-time study for a 

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job fair

Why you should attend job fairs

Even though job fairs have been shamed in popular media as wasteful, money-hogging events, they are actually an indispensable resource if viewed in the correct light and utilized optimally. By having a solid plan in place, along with a persuasive pitch and an impressive resume, individuals can make the best of these career fairs. What 

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What can you do with a degree in Fashion

With the increasing affluence of the fashion industry, what with numerous publications and entire shows devoted to it, more and more people are seeking exciting and glamorous careers in designing and related fields. Institutions like the National Institute of Fashion Technology and Pearl University are amongst the biggest names that offer well-rounded curriculum in fashion 

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How to deal with a job rejection

Employers all over the world are increasingly becoming more demanding and vigilant, constantly striving to build a distinguished and effective workforce. Therefore, it is comes as no surprise that  hiring processes today are quite complex, comprising of multiple rounds of selection ranging from group discussions to personal interviews. Given the basic underlying principle of a 

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Tips to write an improved Resume/CV

The first step towards acquiring a job, any job, is putting forth your talents, achievements and goals packaged in a two-page document that could either exchange hands and land you that coveted interview, or it could end up in the trash can. Therefore, keeping in mind the saying that the “first impression is the last 

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off beat

Off-beat Career Paths

With increasing technological developments and creative innovations, more and more individuals are voluntarily moving beyond the conventional to seek niche, coveted career options that were previously unheard of, to create full-fledged industries and communities comprising of professionally extraordinary individuals. Due to the singular nature of their services and rise in their popularity, they are increasingly 

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career change

When do you know it’s time to change your job

With changing times, and a drastic cultural shift, studies have revealed that individuals in today’s world are more likely to change their jobs frequently, as opposed to in the past, when a person on average spent 7-8 years in an organization. Improved technology means creation of new job-profiles which essentially translates into increased and varied 

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